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Master your planning e-book - ENGLISH

"Time to take back control of your life, once and for all!"

Buying inventory, design, development. Filling and keeping up social media. Answering customer e-mails and making (or keeping) them happy. Writing blogposts, coming up with newsletter ideas. Sending out orders, counting stock, filing tax reports….as an online entrepreneur your work is never done and it often seems like you have to do everything at once. Goal setting and planning will give you focus, or so they say. Yes, but how do you do actually do it?

As a naturally chaotic person I, the writer of this e-book, recognize the issues stated above like no other. When I’m not planning my work, nothing really gets done. For me it was a necessity to learn everything about the contents of this book, and now I would love to share this knowledge with you.

So; How do you do it? This document will give you the ultimate basic skills to set goals and how to plan them. And it’s just that, no unnecessary extra’s, because your time is precious. The biggest value is in the combination of the content and the fifteen essential attachments, which I will describe for you to give you a glimpse of what this e-book has to offer.

What is it exactly?

The e-book for you planning. First I will tell you how to set goals, then I will tell you how it works to make a planning and I’ll tell you how to tame the chaos in your head. After that I will give you the technique that I use to have a super productive day and to get trough gruesome to-do-lists. In chapter 6 you will find many extra advice about planning. Go from thinking to doing!

The 15 essential attachments

  • Your (yearly) vision
  • Annual goal numbers 1, 2 and 3
  • Annual plan
  • Quarterly plan 1 to 4
  • Quarterly reward (to print every quarter)
  • Monthly goals (to print every month)
  • Weekly priorities (to print every week)
  • Weekly focus (to print every week)
  • Daily focus (to print daily)
  • Annual review

The 15 attachments with this e-book are truly essential. They can help you in the best possible way to set the right goals and to plan. You will see that with the annual plan we start with three main annual goals which we will break down in to smaller goals. It will go from annual to quarterly to monthly and to daily to help you reach your higher goal. When you stick to the advice in this e-book it will absolutely work. With making plans it’s about achieving more and reaching higher every year. It’s not rocket science, and with the 15 printables and this e-book you will get a great head start.

What is really does?

Do you want to know how this nifty e-book can support your business? Well, after reading and working with the essential attachments….

  • You will have made the first step to a well-organized business
  • You will work goal oriented to a higher level and greater success
  • You will have more free time to spend with family and friends
  • You will have a blueprint for your business
  • There will be a (much) greater chance for you to reach your goal quicker

There you have it. Now you know everything. 😊 Do you have any questions? Make sure to contact us!

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